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                    2023 ITALIAN PRICE LIST

2023 Italian Queen Prices
Queen Shipping Instructions
Priority Price and Ship Charges
Zone chart

           2023 Italian Queen Prices
(Booking 2022 orders starting August 15th, 2021)
          May 9th - September 30th

               $35.00 Ea.

Clipped and/or marked INCLUDED (must specify if you want marked and/or clipped queen.)

Queen Shipping Charges (Priority Express Mail - includes insurance and handling)

      1 -  4     $47.00
      5 - 10     $52.50
     11 - 15     $55.25
     16 - 20     $60.85
     21 - 25     $63.00
     26 - UP     CALL

Queen Shipping Charges (Priority Mail - includes insurance and handling)

      1 -  4     $17.00
      5 - 10     $18.50
     11 - 15     $20.00
     16 - 20     $21.50
     21 - 25     $23.00
     26 - UP     CALL

Note: Priority Express is one or two day delivery while Priority Mail
takes an extra day to be delivered.

If you request split shipment, you must pay shipping for each shipment.

Queen Shipping Charges (UPS Charges - NO insurance)

Quanity    Next Day Air        2nd Day Air
1 -  26     $75.00              $63.00
27 - UP     CALL                CALL

We reserve the right to change shipping charges if postal or UPS rates 

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                  Queen Shipping Instructions

We do not guarantee live delivery or introduction acceptance. However all shipments
of queen bees that are shipped priority and priority express mail are insured. Should
the queen bee(s) arrive dead, you should notify the post office of your loss for
reimbursement. Bees shipped by UPS are not insured, but shipped at customer's

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               2023 Italian Package Bee Prices 
          (Booking 2023 orders starting August 15th)
   May 7th until June 30th (depending on the weather)

           2# PACKAGES      $135.00
           3# PACKAGES      $165.00

       Mark:      INCLUDED
      (you must specify if you want the queens marked)

The above prices include flat-rate shipping charges. If the packages arrive dead,
we will reship one time but you must pay the full cost of the replacement 
packages and collect payment from the post office for any bees that die in shipment. It is your responsibility to receive payment for dead bees from the post office. We can not be responsible for the bees after they are shipped.